Land Rover Defender, Scheduled Log Book Serving

A Land Rover Defender 2012 model in our RamSpeed workshop for its scheduled log book service. Our technician carried out a minor “A” service on this vehicle with standard replacement of the engine oil and oil filter using genuine OEM parts and fluids. As part of services performed here at RamSpeed a complete vehicle safety inspection is to be carried out. All lights, hoses, belts, tyre pressures and braking components are to be checked and corrected as applicable. RamSpeed offers scheduled log book servicing, repairs and maintenance for all European vehicles such as this Land Rover Defender.

Detailed view of the Land Rover Defender’s engine bay, all fluid levels are to be checked and top up as needed.

Interior view of the Land Rover Defender, our technician is getting ready to run a complete system OBD scan on this vehicle to check and clear any error codes plus reset the service indicator light.