Peugeot 206 Cooling System Repairs

There was a Peugeot 206 in our workshop to look at the cooling system before the Easter holidays.

We looked at the system which was overheating according to the customer. Our pressure test found no leaks present so we moved on to check the waterpump and the flow to the expansion tank. This was found to be ok and so was the thermostat after testing. We pulled out the spark plugs and carried out a compression and cylinder leakage test and it was found to be working correctly. Next we tested the cooling system to check for carbon in the coolant, which we found no issues. When we removed the radiator upon inspection it was found the lower section was blocked which was restricting the flow of the radiator. We replaced the radiator as required then flushed and filled the cooling system. A final test drive indicated that the vehicle was all ready to go.

Peugeot-206-Diagnostics-Repairs-Rear-Bumper-RamSpeed-1 Peugeot-206-Diagnostics-Repairs-Engine-RamSpeed-1RamSpeed Automotive is Australia’s No 1, privately owned European car specialist with focus on European vehicle repairs and servicing including performance upgrades for all Peugeot models (see our Peugeot Performance work here) including Peugeot 206. Our business is known for comprehensive diagnostics expertise and our ability to address complex mechanical and electronic issues found in a wide range of increasingly sophisticated European models. RamSpeed is well known complex fault finding within all Peugeot electronic components including ABS, brakes, suspension, exhaust, gearbox and the electronic computer units (ECU). We are able to repair all Peugeot electronic modules and retune or re-flash original ECU units with German performance tuning maps. RamSpeed Automotive is able to perform aftermarket module scanning and repairs of many exotic and luxury cars. At RamSpeed your Peugeot maintenance and ownership costs can be greatly reduced with regular scheduled and logbook services.