Volvo C70 Service and Timing Belt Kit

This lovely Volvo C70 convertible came into our workshop to get a major service completed. The service was carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications and log book schedule. This service includes replacing the engine oil and filter, air filter, cabin filter and brake fluid system flush fill and bleed.

Whilst also in our workshop, the vehicle required a replacement water pump and a new timing belt kit as due on the kilometres and time basis.

The replacement of the timing belt kit included: the timing belt, tensioner, idler pulley and oil seals. Over time the tensioners, pulleys and idlers can wear out causing noise so are replaced at this time. A failure of 1 of these items to save money short term can cost a lot more long term. By replacing the kit and water pump at this time, we flush fill and bleed the cooling system at this time also.

Once reassembled, a final road test is carried out and then a final inspection of the engine before preparing the vehicle for client collection.